Informal Events

IIIT-A Roadies 1.0

A remake of the popular T.V. show, Roadies is not where you’ll score brownie points if you just sing or dance. It is not some talent hunt contest where a shimmy-shake or a dance move or two will help you win. We are not looking for some gifted idols here.

This is a battle that will test your brawn and wits until there are none left. This is where you have to leave your ‘I’m so cool’ attitude at home. The journey is full of arduous and earlier unimaginable tasks and if you’ve already accepted defeat and thinking of calling it quits, why don’t you send your enemies instead? We’ll get the dirty job done for you!!!

So if you think you’ve got the guts to survive in this game of naked ambition that requires courage and a never-say-die spirit then what are you waiting for??? Come and be a part of IIIT-A Roadies 1.0 and experience the ‘real’ thing!!!


On the floor we’ve got the party going

On and on and on to the break of dawn

Over and over again,

We’ll be the ones’ to make you dance…

Bust the move go crazy to this,

This is the one you just can’t miss…

Feel the bass line heavy pumping,

Watch the party jumping…

But for now you just can’t stop

Yo DJ, turn the music up.

Get ready to let your hair down, just have a good time, relax and let the tension unwind…

Jiggy jump to the beat at Jukebox – the dance party held every night after the main stage events.

Silver Screen

Let the movie mania get to you at Silver Screen. Witness your most majestic dreams magically come alive on the screen. Let the histrionics of your favourite ‘stars’ charm you, the splendor, the glitter, the razzmatazz of the world of motion pictures enchant you.

The action-packed thrillers, the emotional romances, the fun-filled comedies, the sensational dramas will cast a spell on you and leave you awestruck.

So gear up with your bags of popcorn, for this highly entertaining movie marathon is going to leave you breathless…

Inspired by the unbelievable trickery of today’s skillful
footballers, this one of its kind event is being staged at IIIT-A for the
first time ever…”JOGA BONITO”

Bindas Bol

Organized by Rangtarangini – the Dramatics club of IIIT-A, Bindas Bol is one of the most awaited informal event. This is a street play competition full of unbridled merrymaking and lighthearted amusement.

This is where you can enact the high jinks and the tom foolery of college students or voice your grouse against anything you are dissatisfied with – be it the mess food, the professors, the education system, the heavy workload…

Bollywood Tambola

Adding flavour to one of the most popular party game is the masala and the grandeur of one of the biggest Indian industry – Bollyoood…

This is Tambola revamped…replete with the music, masti and melodrama. High on the entertainment factor, the glitz and glamour of Bollywood is here to dazzle you.

It’s just a combination of luck and knowledge of movies and the ‘stars’ that will help you hit the jackpot here…

Treasure Hunt

Wanna go on a treasure hunt a la Jim Hawkins??? If yes, then here’s your ‘golden’ chance…

A list of hard to find items…A few clues…A time limit…

Gear up to negotiate the labyrinth as a grand prize awaits you at the end of the trail…

It really can’t get more exciting than this!!!


It has been said that in the land of the dumb, the man with a voice will be king. It is now time to prove them wrong. Finally it is the silence that does the talking…

Dumb charades is a game of communicating through
actions, of articulating in silence for ‘actions speak louder than words…’

Tug of War

The age-old sport, a tussle for supremacy, is not only a test of sheer strength but also of your grit and determination. This team game involves coordination and requires resilience and perseverance to bring home the bacon.

So get ready for a highly entertaining and a severe contest that has on display raw power, unflagging spirit and undefiable resolution…

Bomb Squad

A fast paced, nerve racking, enthralling real life experience…do you have
it in you to diffuse the bomb in time???

A few clues…a fast brain…a good
general knowledge is all you need to cut it here…So hurry up and put your squad together as the clock has already started tickin’…

Tattoo Painting

Forget the paper and poster board – use your own body as the backdrop for colourful creations. You can make anything – be it a quaint flower or a butterfly on a shoulder or a venomous snake, a formidable dragon on a cheek, arm or leg.

With the paint in the palette and your body as the canvas let the brush conjure up magnificent shapes and designs. Blend together various shades and tints to paint magic on yourself…


We bring to you one of the most popular Indian recreational gameAntakshari’. Spiced up with some audio-visual rounds and attractive audience prizes, this is musical revelry in the truest sense.

It does not matter whether you can sing or not, all you need to be is a passionate music lover. Here’s your chance to live it up with the foot-tapping Bollywood numbers…

Click Pic

A photograph speaks a thousand words IIIT-A provides you with a unique and creative medium for self-expression. Let your pics do the talking for you. Focus your lens on anything ranging from a dazzling smile to a picturesque scene. Get ready to capture the hues and colours around you.

The event will take place on all the five days of the fest. The photographs can be clicked with the help of a handycam, a mobile phone or by any other means…The best photographs shall be judged at the end of the fest.

Mind Speak

‘Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel…’

Can you convince others with the power of your thoughts??? Do you want to share your views and voice your opinion??? Participate in ‘Mind Speak’, an interesting group discussion on topics ranging from Science to Entertainment, sports to music, culture to society and present to future.


A collage is a work of formal art made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole. It is just like putting together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to compose a whole new picture. Newspaper clippings, ribbons, bits of colored or hand-made papers or, photographs are glued together to design an incredible piece of art…

Give wings to your imagination and let the diverse art-forms coalesce to give expression to the manifold thoughts whirring in your mind…

B’ Cognizance


Teams should have 3 or 4 members. Each team be given 4 tasks:
1. A solution to caselet
2. A slogan
3. A whacky business idea.
4. A cartoon strip making (theme will be given during the event).

Each team will have 35 minutes to complete all the activities. You would be judged on their time management, delegation, completion of tasks within slotted time and quality of work.

Date: October 3, 2008
Time: 3pm-5pm
Venue: LT (down)


CAUTION: Read Further only if you are interested to have FUN.!

Are you a chatter-box.?
…………….Do you speak non-stop?
First time ever your senseless words can help you win attractive prizes.

No hesitations. No deviations. JAM along as topics get unfathomable(e.g. ‘a pig in the sty’, ‘astounding spies’, etc)…buzzers go wild and that mic-whipping jam-master permits you to react in Just A Minute! B’Cognizance brings to you the side splitting, completely spellbinding JAM event at Effervescence ’08! No limit to number of participations per college. Number of rounds would be held depending upon the number of entries.

Date: October 5, 2008
Venue: LT
Time: 3pm-4pm
Registration opens October 1st, 2008
Registration closes October 5th, 2008 @ 2pm

‘Proper words in proper places make the true definition of a style’
-Jonathan Swift


This Effervescence B’Cognizance brings to you ‘Expressions’, a writing competition for all creative thinkers.
A set of topics/categories would be given and participants would have to write an article of 300-350 words on any one of them. Time limit is 40 minutes. Only sheets of paper would be provided, you are supposed to bring your own writing instruments.

Date: October 4, 2008
Venue: LT
Timing: 3pm -4pm

Registration opens: October 1, 2008
Registration closes: @ 2pm October 4, 2008


13 Responses to “Informal Events”

  1. dig dag—dig dig dag…
    the beats will be on.
    turning u on…the dance floor….
    so don’t miss the most awaited event for us …

  2. @ Vidushi…nice rhythm ..the bubbling energy nd enthusiasm of Btech 2k8 ‘ll certainly make Effervescence bigger nd better…so till the carnival begins keep hoppng,swirling nd swerving …let ur feet do the talk bcoz its tym 2 dig dag..dig dig dag 🙂

  3. can i know the format and the events by which iiita rodies 1.0 will be conducted and who and when to approach for it….

  4. Well the Roadies 1.0 is an informal event organized by second Btech 2k7 guys ..it ‘ll b basically a task related event much lyk the Mtv Roadies..just contact the organisers (9415945775) in case of ny further query 🙂

  5. please give discription about rules and regulations in informal events.

  6. @ rishabh ..certainly but actually this yr many new events have been introduced and their rules still being thought …v ‘ll b updating them as soon as possible…Well on the lighter note informal events dunno hve ny rules …u just hve 2 go there do the things nd hve fun wid ur frns 🙂 …they are chilling and full of masti …njoy lyf nd rok Effervescence MM8

  7. collage fotos

  8. list me some informal events ….or else ANNIYAN will KILL YOU….

  9. пердуперденция k2

  10. like this site it’s nice

  11. wonderful i like it………..

  12. […] Collage effervescencemm8.wordpress.com […]

  13. is it ANNIAYAN or ONION? ok anyway fuck you

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